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I've had, um, an interesting week...


CryptoSpace LoL , for those kinda $$$ numbers I’ll get you influencers :)

Ichthyoid fascinating. that was like stepping into the the underbelly of influencer life, haha. thanks for sharing that!

EricaHargreave You've certainly done your research, Adam, to discover all of that. You are hitting the nail on the head with the community niche building. We once had the broadcaster of a TV Series on crop dusters tell us the morning after the series launch that she was still drinking champaign out of her shoe, as the numbers had been that good for the premiere. We'd got those numbers purely on niche community building as the broadcaster had done nothing to promote the series. I commented on the post with a bit on how to do that. If you want more details on that process, let me know, and I can walk you through exactly how we do that on projects.

whydoitweet Great piece! I shared it on Twitter :)

BurntEnds88 Great write up, Adam! I like Erica's suggestion about getting to hang out with communities on various social media forums to engage with. Strength in growth stems from quality not quantity to borrow a cliché.