MG Social: Web Monetized Social Network Platform


We are proud to announce the launch of MG Social, a new social network with web monetization powered by Coil and Xumm.


The MG in our name stands for Monetized Gram.


mon·e·tize - earn revenue from (an asset, business, etc.).


gram - something written down, drawn, or recorded (telegram, electrocardiogram etc.).


Traditionally the business model for social media has consisted of a company (Twitter, Facebook etc.) providing a service (the social network) to their user base, and funding their operations from the revenue gained by the selling of user data to advertisers. The end user ends up not being a customer of the social network but the product being sold.


At MG Social we think differently. We have incorporated cutting edge web monetization software within our social network to allow for an entirely new business model. Our social network rewards creators for the content they create as it is viewed by other subscribers in real time using streaming micro-payments. At MG Social your data will never be sold to advertisers.


All that is required is a $5 monthly subscription to Coil. For a list of other sites and services a Coil subscription grants you access to click here.


Having a Coil subscription as a requirement will allow MG Social to fund and scale operation of the platform ad-free. It will help ensure MG Social users are interacting with real live human beings, not bot or troll accounts. It also ensures posted content will always be monetized when viewed by other subscribers on the site.


If you have any questions please reach out to us at admin@mg.social.