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Hey hey #MGS fam! Loving the new web app!

For the first time in a while, I went running and it wasn't raining. I've been running in the rain as a bit of a stress relief. Work has been pretty bonkers.

Today however, it was lovely, I was out in shorts. I ran 3.39kms in 25:33 minutes with a 89m elevation gain and burnt 219 calories. I was intending to run further but my shin started hurting with every step so I turned around... and after a bit it wasn't hurting anymore. Who even understands legs?

I've done 11 runs for October and run over 43kms... pretty happy with that and will hopefully squeeze at least 1 more run in this month. Thanks #MGSFit!

MateoXRP Impressive, Adam! Keep it up.

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web.mg.social is so much good!

MateoXRP Still have a lot of things to fix and implement but its coming along!

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Hi everyone!

I know 7 of you used my referral to receive free Mint.Club airdrop tokens back in June, and I just wanted to let those people know the price of those tokens has gone up 400+%. Here is my full review of everything going on at Mint.Club:


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Hey hey #MGSFit fam!

Hope everyone is going well on this Autumn Tuesday!
My elbow has definitely gotten worse over the last month or so... so I'm not doing any pull ups or chin ups or anything like that. I honestly can't wait to get back to them, but I need to settle my elbow down first.

Instead today I did:

- 5 minute jump rope (definitely getting way better with this now).
- 6 x 6 push ups
- 3 x 40 second farmer carry with 50lb kettlebell
- 3 x 40 second deadhang
- 3 x 6 tricep dip
- 3 x 10 10kg hammer curls
- 3 x 3 x 10 10lb cable machine eccentric exercises.

Hope everyone is crushing it!

CryptoSpace What is your optimal goal for your body? What is performance that you are looking for as goal :)

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Hi #MGS fam!

For #MGSFit, I ran 4.12kms in 29:13 minutes with a 108m elevation gain and burnt 272 calories.
Also... Splinterlands has heat up so much since i posted my blog. They've airdropped vouchers for their next presale... and those vouchers are selling for $25 each. I received 25 vouchers yesterday... it's absolutely bonkers.

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Hi #MGS fam!

I thought I'd share my progress in the Splinterlands blockchain battle game and my associated NFT card collection:


The progress has been absolutely intense... let me know if you have any questions...

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Well done #MGS and MG.Social!

I don't have a Bitrue account but I was very pleased to see it get over the line with the voting. XRP has an incredible community.

Had a great Fireside session tonight with Erica on NFTs. There is so much exciting stuff to get our heads around. I think it would be a pretty good beginner lesson in NFTs, so hopefully it'll make it's way to the StoryToGo YouTube channel.

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Hey #MGS fam!

For today's #MGSFit I ran 4.10kms in 31:13 minutes and burnt 267 calories. It was way slower than usual, which isn't ideal, but it's fine. I'm really just happy that I'm out there getting it done. I've run 6 times in October so I'm pretty happy with my consistency so far.

I was also intending to do some leg exercises like box jumps, box step ups and calf raises.... but... I just spent an hour trying to catch and hold down a sheep while the vet had to clean a wound... and it was hardcore. These sheep are heavy and strong... so it was an amazing workout. I'll be sore tomorrow. The sheep is totally fine... she just had a scrape that blew right up, it should be good now but we'll keep an eye on it.

Hope everyone else had a less weird #MGSFit day!

MrsMateoXRP What kind of sheep? And yes wrangling sheep is a full body work out especially grappling with a very large Ram.

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Hello #MGS fam!

I've been told by my PT to not do anything that requires squeezing with my left hand... so I thought I would forgo my usual Tuesday exercises (pull ups, etc) and do an old weighted aerobics video I had on an old computer and oh my god I'm so sore right now. It was 30 minutes of just so much #MGSFit extremism and I might never be able to use my back again... the DOMS tomorrow and the next day are going to be brutal... but I already can't wait to do it again. I will defeat these DOMS.

Hope everyone else is rocking their #MGSFit or #MGSArt.

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Hey #MGS fam!

So so so so so excited about the new MG.Social webapp! I waaaaay prefer the webapp on my PC to type the things... and then the mobile app to check everyone else's posts. Love friends feed.

Today for #MGSFit - I ran 4.16 kms in 28:22 minutes for 110m elevation and 278 calories burnt.
My back and elbow are still an issue but we're breaking out some new techniques... got some electricity to flow through my elbow to see that'll help, and now I'm going to ice it too. Hopefully see some improvement soon.

Go #MGSFit!

MateoXRP We are getting very close!