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Xumm test

MateoXRP Thanks though!

nicholas Ahhh that makes sense

MateoXRP Fixed.

nicholas Great work!

boltoffrost tip me for lambo

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We found a bug in the counter: when using Puma browser the counter does not seem to reset from posting to posting it just picks up where the counter on the last post left off. The actual monetization is functioning the counter just displays the wrong amount. Can't seem to reproduce the issue on a desktop browser, only Puma on mobile appears to be affected as far as I can tell. Will look into it.

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Important message for all MG Social users. To continue to use XRPtipBot you must link your XRPtipBot account to an Uphold account: https://coil.com/p/wietse/XRP-TipBot-Important-message-Action-required-/qXTjYub8d

AussieNinja This is an interesting concept... potentially you could get paid for sharing other people's content?

PatriciaC Was thinking about the same thing!

MGAdmin I'm thinking about how to handle that when the site launches to the public and I have a couple ideas.

I was thinking about putting in an option to un-monetize a posting if you are sharing other people's content.

The other thought I had is that when you post it will ask if the content is yours or someone else's. If the content is yours it will embed the content in your post. If the content is someone else's it will link to the original posting so that when the link is clicked another window opens with the original source. That way the post itself is still monetized but when the end user consumers the content they are directed to the original source. So that the monetization received from posting a link to someones content is sort of like a finders fee.

Just a couple of ideas I'm throwing around. I would love to hear your thoughts/ideas/suggestions.

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Right now we have the capability for users to upload videos directly to MG Social but the feature is turned off currently because it was found to be too buggy in testing. We will re-enable this feature when we are able to make it more stable.

We are also planning on enabling the ability for MG Social users to directly upload audio files and embed them as monetized playable files in their postings.

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We currently have the ability to embed Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, imgur and SoundCloud content on our postings. Next site update (coming soon) we will also get the ability to embed Metacafe content. In the future we will continue to add the ability to embed content from as many sources as possible. We will also eventually give the ability to upload and monetize audio, video and document files.

The ultimate vision is for MG Social to act as a sort of content monetization vending machine. You plug in your content in whatever form it exists (text,images,sounds,video) from whatever source it happens to reside and MG Social spits out a Coil monetized version of that content available to be consumed within the site by MG Social users.

AussieNinja That kind of sounds amazing.... so you just provide a link... and it turns it into a MG Social post?

MGAdmin Yeah the idea is that you could kind of feed it in anything on one end and get a monetized form of the content on the other end that can be consumed by MG Social users.

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Features we have on the road map for MG Social:

-Counters on monetized postings to see the amount of payments a post has received in real time.

-When creating a post the user will have the ability to set if it is monetized or not.

-Integrated XRP/ILP tipping.

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You can embed links to your existing YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos, SoundCloud tracks and imgur gifs on your MG Social account. MG Social will attach your specified payment pointer to these postings so while other MG Social users consume this content your account receives instant streaming micropayments.

This allows you to have another monetization option for your existing content that does not rely on advertisers. MG Social will add the capability to embed content from more popular sites and services as the site continues to develop.

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