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Who would like to be able to pay for their Coil subscription with XRPL tokens using the Xumm wallet?


Ichthyoid This would be pretty amazing, I think. Earn/be tipped tokens, DEX some for XRP, use that to pay for the sub, rinse and repeat. It's like the perfect cycle.

MateoXRP What if you could use any XRPL token and the DEX conversion happens automatically?

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Hills are turning green again.

MateoXRP Hopefully this is a sign for green in our portfolios as well!

Santa Claud I see a lot of monkey profiles today sir. Hehe

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#MGSUpdates can anybody let me know if they are unable to save their Xumm address in their account settings?

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#MGSUpdates We removed a large number of spam accounts that accumulated under our old web app and some legitimate accounts were removed by mistake. This was a one-time event and should not happen again moving forward.

If your account got deleted let me know and we'll send you an extra MGS reward.

NLP.XRP And I think some posts are not shared. Thanks for fixing.. more power (:

Blusasaya Hi, kindly check Mine? Please let me know if there is a problem with my account. Thank you.

makkorpi Please have a peek on mine too. Scan please. Im missing more posts.

Santa Claud Sir can you check if some accounts were subscribed to coil or not? I thought some account can still access MGS without subscribing to coil. And it's unfair to us who subscribed for $5 a month. 😥

MateoXRP Yes it is not possible to login without the subscription. Some people appear to have purchased multiple Coil subscriptions. While we don't currently have a way to block doing this ideally we want one account per person, so we are devising ways to discourage this type of behavior.

Our goal is to have a spam free environment and seeing a bunch of duplicate low value posts is not the type of content we want populating the network.

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In around a day of keyword staking with #PRE we received over 1000 views for our ad and 10 clicks to the MG Social web app.


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XRP looking good today! Let's go!!!

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Which XRPL token should we implement for Xumm tips next?

Which XRPL projects do you find the most promising?

toton_fire I like #EQ
I believe the positive possibility of #PlaytoEarn
very promising

Milash Sologenic looks solid. Trading between crypto and stocks or commodities.

Ichthyoid All of gatehub :-D

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Maybe we should just say the M in MG Social stands for metaverse? 😅

Ichthyoid That may make the project less susceptible to being sued by moneygram lol

MateoXRP Metaverse Global?

Ichthyoid Oh man, that sounds like we’re taking over the world 👍🤪

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#MGSUpdates if you have a Twitter account make sure to let Sologenic know you would like to see and XRP/MGS pair added:

jhunedz Done

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We have brought this up multiple times. If you are posting content that is not your original work disable the monetization flag on that posting.

There are a couple accounts that are flagrantly disregarding this rule continually, every day.

We don't want to start banning people, but if you flagrantly and continually break the rules you are giving us no other choice.

MateoXRP When creating a post:
-If the contents of the post are your original work feel free to leave the monetization flag enabled
-If the contents of the post are NOT your original work click the $ icon and select 'disable monetization.'

MateoXRP Sorry if we have not been as clear on this issue as I thought we have been.

droptheattitude How do I go back and remove or should I delete posts?

MateoXRP You can leave them. We will work on adding the option to change monetization status when editing a post. Just be aware going forward. Thank you.

droptheattitude will post more from my blog haha