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We have a crude monetization counter for postings now. We will continue to improve it going forward. It is not cumulative so the counter resets when the page reloads. Still it's a start!

AussieNinja Nice. While I'm writing this comment I can see the amount going up and the little green dollar sign on the Coil Extension... if I scroll down it disappears. Super cool!

MGAdmin Ok I figured out that the infinite scroll feature was breaking the counter and coil monetization so that feature has been turned off for now.

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OK we have tested Dailymotion videos do embed properly in the site when posted to your feed.

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Why buy Dorpers?

Hardy and Adaptable – Dorper Sheep are highly adaptable and do well in harsh, extensive conditions as well as in more intensive operations.

Excellent Maternal Qualities – Ewes are excellent mothers and heavy milkers. Lambs are vigorous and have high survivability.

Long Breeding Season – Dorpers are non-seasonal or have an extended breeding season. They can easily be managed to produce three lamb crops in two years.

Reproductive Efficiency – Dorpers are very fertile and prolific. Lambing rates of 180% can be achieved per lambing.

Pre-potency – Dorper sheep cross well with commercial ewes of other breeds and as terminal sires produce fast growing, muscular lambs.

Non-Selective Grazers – Dorpers are excellent converters of a wide range of forage types and they excel in grazing or weed control operations.

Heat and Insect Tolerant – Because of their Blackhead Persian origin, Dorpers have natural tolerance to high temperatures and heavy insect populations. They are productive in areas where other breeds barely survive.

AussieNinja We've got some Suffolk sheep and they haven't been loving any warmer days... can't wait to get them shorn soon.

MateoXRP I will have to ask my father in law what he thinks of Suffolk breed. The nice thing with Dopers is they are self sheering so we don't have to worry about getting them shorn.

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Springtime means frogs on the ranch.

Changed profile cover.