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It's been a while since I was here but I missed everyone!! Working and content creating are eating away all of my time 😅 Mateo You're doing an amazing job!!! But I have exciting news to share today, for the ones that might have missed it, I'm hosting the new CinnamonVideo Challenge. The #ChallengesByCin are a great way to bring everyone together and keep the ideas for fun content flowing so be sure to be a part of it 😊 Here is the video with all the details:

MateoXRP So awesome to see you doing the latest CinnamonVideo challenge, Patricia!

PatriciaC Thank you Mateo, I'm so excited to be hosting it. And will be more excited to see what you guys will submit 😁

Veggiessima This will be so fun!!

AussieNinja I'm gonna be the #PancakeMaster!

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Hi Guys, here it is our latest PLANlive stream with a special Bonus, a XRP giveway, check it out ;)


MateoXRP Great stream! GFam looks really promising. Here's an XRP tip.

PatriciaC It wasn't necessary but thank you!

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Here is a thank you to the Great people at Coil and Cinnamon Video:


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Mine today is a new one dedicated to Coil Bloggers, it's Coil Bloggers to Discover Episode 14!


MateoXRP Patricia, set your XRPtipBot address field and I will send you a tip! Let me know if you need help.

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Here a little personal update 😉