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I have been on a journey with my body for a few years and just as I have come to a bit of a pivotal moment, I've found myself once more discouraged by society and the latest trends that are fighting for my attention. I'm sure many of you will be able to relate, no matter where you're at with your health journey. Today I want to remind you of who God says you are in Him, why we should be taking care of ourselves and what that looks like this summer as we let go of all the expectations.


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I'm honored to share my friend Cassie's testimony about how she's processing her trauma and the process that God has walked her through to heal. She's talking about spiritual warfare, how it's effecting her family and how she's handling it. I invite you to listen in and find solidarity in the spiritual battle that we're all facing in one way or another. 🤍

TRIGGER WARNING: mention of Childhood Sexual Abuse - details are not shared.


MateoXRP Very brave of your friend to share her story! Thanks for sharing, Riley.

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Thank you so much for every listen & share! I truly hope it has been of encouragement to you in some way. If you hadn’t heard I’m going on a mid-season break to be present with my family, learn, reflect, & come back stronger to teach in a few weeks! In the meantime you can catch up on the first 1/2 of season 1! 🤍 xo- Ry

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I’ve been doing the long distance thing for several years now so I have a little bit of advice for those of you who are trying to give the long distance friendships a real shot. 🤍


MateoXRP I've always been the worst at keeping friends. If not for my wife I probably wouldn't keep in touch with anyone.

RileyQ I’m pretty sure my husband would be the same way 😂

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There are few things that break my heart more than women who tear down women simply because they disagree with them. People are people regardless of if you agree or not and in a world where we can spout off our thoughts in seconds, we need to be much more intentional to be kind, have grace and uplift others, even when we disagree. That is how we will make a change.

Listen to today’s episode about uplifting the women in your life. It’s quick, only 7 minutes, but the reminders, when implemented could just make someone’s day. Let’s change the world one kind word at a time.

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Sometimes truth isn’t popular. I’m sharing my experience with new-age mindsets that are currently very popular, but extremely problematic for Christians to buy into. The beauty in life is that God gave us free will and the ability to choose what we believe, so if this doesn’t apply to you or you don’t agree, cool. But this is important for my fellow believers to hear because mixing the gospel with new age concepts and “progressive” Christianity can be a very dangerous path to walk. With that being said, here’s my experience.


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Meet Erica- new mom, wife & newly published author of Constant Pursuit. I am excited for you to listen in as Erica shares her story of the way that God has pursued her throughout her life. There is no detail too small- it’s no coincidence who is in charge. Be sure to follow Erica on IG - @ericahedtkebarreto, Twitter @erikahedtke, YouTube & purchase Erica’s book - which is fabulous I might add- on Amazon - https://amzn.to/3rby0tU.

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Recently I had a hard day with my body. That’s what I’m calling them now. Just hard days. I thought I’d share my reflection at the end of the day because I’m pretty sure a lot of y’all may be able to relate. 🖤

EricaHargreave Sorry to hear you had such a tough day, Riley. You are beautiful, as you demonstrated in that lovely message that you shared there at the end.

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We're talking about body image this week!! All things postpartum body, tackling your mental & physical health journeys & things you can do in the right now when you're on a longterm journey to loving your body. I'd love if you tuned in this week.

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MateoXRP California!

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There's more to life than finishing everything & hitting every goal. And sometimes you just need permission to let go of the things that aren’t for you anymore. 🤍 Read more on the blog ✨