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Damn. Just came back nice updates! Here is my new puppy

AussieNinja Whaaaaaat?!?!? Look at those puppy eyes!

MateoXRP I want one!

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The little moments like this are precious

MateoXRP So true! They grow up so fast you have to remember to appreciate those momments.

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I was thinking. It would be cool to have super strength flying or even super speed. A practical super power id love to have is to not require any sleep.

MateoXRP I always wanted Wolverine’s healing factor.

nicholas Ha me too! That’s been on the top of my list. You’d live for a long time too. If wolverine didn’t have adamantium I’m sure he could of easily lived 500+ years I bet

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I wish I had no worries like this girl

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rogercourtney Tina loves to take sunrise and sunset pictures. It's not as easy as it looks.

mstinaburns Can you tell us about the picture? Sunrise? set? It's beautiful!

nicholas Believer it or not this was actually the moon

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Smoked TriTip

MateoXRP Looks pretty good!

nicholas It was delicious! Probably the best meat I’ve had in a long time

MateoXRP What kind of smoker do you use?

nicholas My brother did it on his new traeger smoker grill.

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This girl was fighting to the very end before finally sleeping. She must get her dislike of sleep from me.

Changed profile picture.

nicholas Thanks!

AussieNinja Hey Nick... are you on Twitter at all?

nicholas I do have a Twitter. But I’ve been inactive for 2-3 months maybe

AussieNinja Ah, no worries. I was going to include it in the gFam posts, but if you're not using it I won't worry about it. Thanks!

nicholas Sounds good!

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5 year wedding anniversary with this beautiful woman. 🥰

MateoXRP Congrats!

nicholas Thank you!

iCymatic Congrats!

SarcasticScribe Congratulations.

nicholas Thanks all!