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You really did an awesome job on the Xumm tip capability, Mateo!!! Sublime feature!

MateoXRP Thanks Niels! This post deserves a tip.

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XRP name conspiracy; it stands for Xavi, Ronaldinho, and Pogba

franzario I knew it !!! 😂

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How is it that XUMM donations are send to the XRP address that's linked to the Tipbot pointer in Uphold?

niels I mean, how can you know that?

MateoXRP Magic?

AussieNinja Is Xumm not linked to TipBot? I'm pretty sure mine is...

MateoXRP Yeah basically you're sending a xumm payment to a tipbot account which is linked to uphold. Confused yet?

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Since a few days the amounts of xrp I stream are extremely high. If I watch the ticker here on mg.social and compare it to my Cinnamon/Coil profits: huge differences. Coil should definitely try to make this more ''leveled'' as the contrasts are too steep between the beginning/end of the month.

SarcasticScribe I guess as your subscription renews each month the flow of streamed payments is at full blast and decreases as that fee is depleted? I guess a more equitable release throughout the month would be nice. I do recall when Coil was first released this $5 a month was temporary in that a range of subscription options would be available. Perhaps they'll change that when those additions are made?

MateoXRP Now my payments have slowed way down again. How about you guys?

PatriciaC There was a bug for Coil a few days ago, I did my best to work withTravis about it. He told me that bug is "now" (maybe two days ago, sorry guys I'm working so much I lost track of time) fixed so the amounts Coil is streaming should be normal to everyone...

MateoXRP Well it sure was nice while it lasted! :)

PatriciaC Mine to other creators are a little slow now because my subscription is maxed out already... In terms of receiving amounts considering Coil Blog+ Cinnamon they are a little lower than usual but not much

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The green in the crypto markets isn't rational - ''tokens'' pump high on mainnet news or other foundational developments, with the idea of: "this can potentially attract utility in the future". Haven't we learned anything? Is it because of the easy accessibility to low liquidity/small cap assets? Are we set to experience the same hopium pumps as in late 2017? Have three years been to short to expect anything more mature? When I ask these questions I talk about the crypto market in a whole - not about the few outliers - because general assessment still seems based on the ''moon'' and ''partnership'' mentality.

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Wrap-up of my Cambodia Chronicles Series on Coil.


MateoXRP Your tip bot address is not correct to receive a tip. Let me know if you need help fixing it. Confirm when fixed and I'll send you a tip.

Changed profile picture.
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Question, if I go to my own post the ticker starts running; can I pay myself, or does Coil reject the payment as it's the same payment-pointer?

MateoXRP The Coil extension tells the site the the payments are flowing which is why the counter runs, but Coil blocks it on their back-end. You can sit on your own postings all day and won't get a payout. As soon as someone else starts looking at your posts the payments will start coming through.

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My Coil subscription is now streaming ridiculously small amounts. just streamed 0.00000005 to someone 😂 😂

MateoXRP Every 5/millionth of a penny counts!

MateoXRP I just noticed the same thing on another site! Looks like a Coil issue.